ATF Rule 41F Why You Shouldn't Be So Scared!

by Defensor Tactical

ATF Rule 41F How It Won't Really Change Much!

This week our friends from Silencer Shop™ of Austin, Texas announced their solution to minimize the effects of ATF’s ‘41F’ rule. ATF announced this new rule in January. It will apply to applications to register NFA firearms that are postmarked July 13 or later. 41F will not apply to previously registered NFA firearms, and it will not apply to applications to register new NFA firearms postmarked before July 13, 2016.

The NFA, or National Firearms Act, regulates firearms including silencers/suppressors, short barrel rifles (SBR), short barrel shotguns (SBS), machine guns/full auto, among others. Before an NFA firearm may be either transferred or made, an application with a tax payment must be submitted to ATF. 41F will require that each NFA application include the new ATF Form 23. For an application by a trust, Form 23 requires the fingerprints and photographs of each ‘responsible persons’ in the trust at the time of the application (more about this later).

For maximum convenience, Silencer Shop™ will be providing kiosks to each of the 300 gun dealers in its network. Each kiosk will contain scanners and cameras to capture fingerprints and photographs of each responsible person connected to an NFA application. Thus, the new 41F rule would make little difference in silencer purchases because the customer could complete Form 23 at the point of sale.

If a responsible person in a trust is not available to accompany the customer to the gun shop, that responsible person may use a kiosk at any of the 300 gun shops ‘powered by Silencer Shop™’ to submit their fingerprints and photograph for the customer’s application.

If you prefer an even simpler process, we recommend you obtain or update a trust using Remember what we said above, Form 23 must only be completed by a responsible person who is in a trust at the time an NFA application is submitted. You should temporarily remove a responsible person. Therefore, the client-trustee would be the only person who must complete Form 23.

Combined with the new Silencer Shop™ kiosk, suppressor transfers using the new system will be easy! The new 41F rules taking effect July 13. Defensor Tactical is a ‘powered by Silencer Shop™’ Shop and will be apart of this system. In addition, Defensor Tactical will be offering fingerprint and photography in the shop to our customers.

By now, the news reports about 41F have caused a spike in NFA applications leading up to July 13. Silencers particularly are in short supply. We hope the innovations like the Silencer Shop™ kiosks as well as Defensor Tactical offering fingerprinting and photographs will lead you to conclude that 41F will truly make little difference in your ability to register NFA firearms.

Defensor Tactical is committed to making your NFA with no hassle and easy to deal with. Please don't be afraid of 41F because there's nothing to worry about! Defensor Tactical has got you covered!

We look forward to serving you.