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Explaining the NFA Process! ( ATF Ruling 41P )

Defensor Tactical is proud to provide the most knowledgeable staff who are trained and well versed in all major manufacturers of Suppressors/Silencers, Short Barreled Rifles, and Machine Guns. Defensor Tactical is committed to help you get through NFA process and help you along the way. Luckily, in the State of Missouri where Defensor Tactical is located, there are no state laws to prohibit ownership of NFA items other than the Federal laws and guidelines. For a complete list of whether your state is an NFA authorized state, click here.

Defensor Tactical carries the following NFA manufacturers: Silencerco, AAC, Gemtech, YHM, Liberty, SureFire, Huntertown Arms, Mag Tactical, Master Piece Arms, AWC, Wilson Combat, Thunder Beast Arms, and Ops, Inc.


For questions, comments, and/or advice please contact us at (866) 4DEFTAC (866) 433-8422 or email us!